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Ascending Angels

Chill ā€™nā€™ Heal - Crystal Sound Bath and Earth Light Reiki Training Instructor

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Introducing Caroline and Marisa of Ascending Angels, established in 2000 Ascending Angels are the forerunners of many empowering and transformational healing meditation albums which are available on all major web players.


Ascending Angels have run workshops in London, Paris, Madrid and New York as well as taking centre stage at many London Mind, Body, Spirit events.


Now balancing family life with their inspiring teachings and therapies Caroline and Marisa can be found in Rainham and Bexley in Kent.


Caroline Sharp is an experienced, highly respected and internationally known for her mastery teachings of the Ascending Angels. Caroline is an Earth Light Reiki Master and Teacher of Reiki, Angelic and Ascension Healing and various modalities of Energy Healing. She is also a Life Coach and a Hypnobirthing Teacher.


Marisa Bailey is an experienced Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Pregnancy Coach, she is well respected and known for her sacred geometry energy work and is an established Earth Light Reiki Master and Teacher.




Ascending Angels will be bringing a variety of classes and workshops to Dance Junction.


Chill ’n’ Heal - Crystal Sound Bath


Join us for these monthly Chill ‘n’ Heal Crystal Sound Bath Relaxation Sessions.


Be immersed in the healing vibrations of the Crystal Sound Bowls as you rest in this relaxing, balancing, healing space.


Suitable for all, these Crystal Healing Sound Bath sessions are a space to relax and receive waves of energy through the sound vibrations of the crystal bowls together with the divine healing energies channelled from Caroline & Marisa of Ascending Angels.


Whether you wish to reduce stress, relieve physical or emotional tension or just relax and receive, these Chill ‘n’ Heal sessions will bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.




Using crystal bowls tuned to the frequency of 432Hz (the ancient sound frequency vibration of the body) and aligned with each Chakra within the body to balance, harmonise

and assist in clearing and integrating higher energy vibrations throughout body-mind. The sound vibrates at a frequency which can allow the systems to heal, release and grow.




Flowing with love-light, this gentle yet powerful healing energy helps to release old patterns and blocks held within the body and mind to bring a lighter, more loving and accepting appreciation of the self and others.


Combining the healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls together with the Energy Healing to create a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience.



Earth Light Reiki Training


Combining Earth Light and Angelic Light healing energy in this Earth Light Reiki training program. Learn to connect with the healing energy of the Universe, for it to flow through your hands fro up-lift, bring balance and encourage well-being for yourself, your family and your friends.


Continue the training to learn how to be a Reiki Practitioner as well as attend various CPD healing workshops to explore the many areas of energy healing (crystals, sound, animals, etc.).


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is universal life force energy and available to everyone irrespective of religion or spiritual beliefs.


Reiki Healing is the laying of hands and the channelling of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the client to create a positive flow of energy throughout the clients body, spirit and mind, clearing blockages and areas of density. The practitioner may lay their hands on the clients body or in the electric field around their body called their aura.


Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains. Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too. For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.


Earth Light Reiki is taught in three levels or degrees, each one strengthening the connection with the ‘Universal Life Energy’ and gives the practitioner more knowledge and ability. With each level, instruction is given on how to work with the Reiki healing energy, the student also receives an attunement or initiation, this is where the teacher directs energy into the students body to awaken or reconnect the healing energy from the universe into their body, giving them the ability to channel and connect with this energy at any time.

Classes and Workshops starting from September 2019

Crystal Sound Bath Healing Classes once a month; 11th September, 9th October, 6th November and 4th December all these classes will be 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop: 15th September 10am - 4pm 

For more information please visit our website.

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19:30 - 20:30

Crystal Sound Bath Healing

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